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Teeth Whitening

As you age, it’s normal for your tooth enamel to accumulate stains. You may not even notice it at first, but the effects become obvious over time. This discoloration tends to occur more rapidly for people who regularly consume products like coffee or tea, red wine, dark-colored fruit juices and sodas and those who smoke cigarettes or use smokeless tobacco.

Professional whitening will enable you to smile with confidence, knowing that your teeth look as clean and fresh as they feel! At Broadway Dental Excellence, we can help give you that bright, white smile you’ve been admiring on others.


All popular teeth whitening products work in basically the same way. They use a whitening agent (usually some form of hydrogen peroxide gel) to remove substances that have accumulated on enamel over time. The peroxide gel is chemically unstable and readily breaks down into more stable components. This chemical process destroys the particles that cause staining on your teeth. As the stains are broken down, your enamel is restored to its natural white or pale ivory color.


You don’t have to settle for a lackluster smile! At Broadway Dental Excellence, we offer professional teeth whitening in just a few simple steps.

Start by making an appointment! One of our dental assistants will take impressions of your teeth. From those impressions, custom trays will be made to fit your teeth perfectly. The trays are ready for you in about a week. When you come in to pick-up your custom trays, we’ll give you four syringes of professional-strength bleaching gel for the trays, along with specific instructions on how to fill and use them. In no time, you’ll be sporting a bright, white smile! There’s no need to spend weeks on the process.

Boost your appearance and your confidence and get much more rapid results than with over-the-counter products. Call us today to schedule an appointment for professional teeth whitening. Teeth whitening treatments are non-invasive and can take years off your appearance immediately!

Remember, at Broadway Dental Excellence, We Just Happen to Make Beautiful Smiles!